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Interested in a custom sign but need ideas?

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Specializing in customizations, engravings, wood/acrylic signage, as well as home+office decor.

We're so happy you've made it this far! We're a set of cousin besties (Giselle & Cinthyan) turned into a cousin owned business. We take pride in designing our own projects and gifts as well as bringing other business logos to life.

We used to have a hard time finding the perfect gifts and always aimed to personalize them to add that special touch when we did find something we loved. Our creative ways and years of searching & a bunch of DIY's later lead us here. We now let our ideas flow in order to create beautiful designs that are turned into gifts for the ones you love, or even yourself. It's always about the meaning behind our gifts made for you or the ones you love.

If you're in the North Jersey area...

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